With This Simple Trick Get Rid of Flies Forever (Inside and Outside)

You all know how unpleasant and annoying can be flies when you sit in your backyard, in the evening, on your porch, or when you want to relax in the afternoon.

They are simply everywhere: on your food, in your drinks, on the window in the kitchen, on the bed, and just won’t stop until they bite your skin, which is one of the most irritating things in life!

Moreover, removing them from the kitchen and away from the food is an extremely difficult task!

Yet, there is one efficient and easy trick that will help you keep those pesky flies at bay. Believe me, you will start enjoying the time in the garden, the long talks with the friends and the barbecue in the yard.

What’s best about it is that it is completely natural, so it is absolutely safe for your pets as well, it is inexpensive and chemical-free.

You will be amazed by its quick effects, and here is how to prepare it:


  • Cloves
  • Several apples

Stick cloves in the apples, and distribute them all around your garden, yard, n the table in the kitchen, and on all places where you spend your time relaxing.

Cloves are potent natural fly repellents, so they will naturally remove flies, as flies simply loathe the smell. Flies will be attracted by the apples, so you will quickly solve the problem.


Remember to change the apples as soon as they start to rot. This simple trick will finally create the calm and relaxing atmosphere you need after a hard working day!

Source: healthandnaturalmedicine.com