Simple Homemade Coconut Oil Leave in Conditioner

Coconut oil restores the natural moisture and oil balance of your hair. It is packed with protein, fatty acids, vitamins B and C, zinc, potassium, and iron.

Coconut oil will help you treat dry and damaged hair. It contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These soak easily in the hair hair follicles and scalp.


Vitamin E, lauric acid and capric acid restructure hair and give it a shiny complexion. It is one of the easiest DIY leave-in conditioner, so there is no reason you should not give it a try.


  • 3 tbsp organic coconut oil, melted
  • water
  • spray bottle


Put the coconut oil into your spray bottle. Pour in water and shake well. You can spray the conditioner either on dry or damp hair.

For optimal results use this conditioner regularly.