This Simple Finger Massage Will Make Your Aches and Pains Disappear! See How…

Say goodbye to all headaches, pains and discomfort! No meds are necessary to easily deal with these conditions, and we will tell you how to do it appropriately.

The trick is in your very hands and the way you massage your fingers, also known as acupressure.

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  1. Headaches and Migraines

Tension and headaches, as well as muscle tremors and stress can be dealt with promptly by applying acupressure.

Find the place between index finger and thumb and massage the spot. Use circular movements and firm grip for about 4-5 seconds. Pregnant women are not advised to do this technique, since it may provoke labors.

  1. Sinus Pressure and Pain

Face palms towards face and apply pressure on finger pads. This is the area you use to type. Use your thumb and other index finger to perform this massage. Press each fingertip for 1-3 minutes by using soft presses.

This is also good for dealing with dizziness, pressure, stuffy noses and congestion.

  1. Cold or Sore Throat

Apply pressure on the length of your thumb. By doing this you will alleviate breathing and treat respiratory issues as well as cough.

  1. Neck Pain and Tension

Use circular motions and massage each finger’s middle section.

  1. Upset Stomach

Use pressure to massage the length of your thumb until it warms up. Afterwards, apply pressure to the middle section of your palm with the warm thumb and hold for several minutes.

  1. Menstrual Cramps or Abdominal Pain

Massage entire hand by adding extra pressure on the side of your index finger’s nail. Choose the nail side closer to the thumb to perform this massage correctly. Next, move to second area, just like in the photo.

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