Sikh Group Giving Free Hot Meals To Bushfire Victims Hailed As ‘Legends’

The ravaging hell in Australia has horrified the entire planet. Its disastrous consequences have made people willing to show their humane side, willing to help those in need in any way they can.

Sikh Volunteers Australia from Melbourne, Australia, has been hailed as “ legends” since they are providing free food for bushfire victims in Victoria.

Massive bushfires keep destroying Victoria’s east, predominantly in East Gippsland, the alpine region and the northeast.

Kanwaljit Singh and his wife Kamaljit Kaur own the Desi Grill restaurant in Bairnsdale, Victoria. They have been living in the area for six years, and have been working with an NGO ‘Sikh Volunteers Australia’.

They have been cooking curry, rice, and pasta for people affected by the bushfires, and have been distributing the meals to people living in temporary shelters as well as firefighters.

Sikh Volunteers have served hundreds of people in the fire-affected regions.

Premier Daniel Andrews tweeted:

“There’s a saying that in a crisis, we should look for the helpers. These legends from Sikh Volunteers Australia drove up to Bairnsdale from Melbourne on Monday – and they’ve been serving free, hot meals ever since.”

Numerous people have praised the compassion showed by the members of the group. They usually provide food twice a week for those in need around Melbourne.

According to Mr. Singh, his team helped volunteers cook 500 meals on New Year’s Eve.

Jafwinder Singh, from the team, said that the “disaster” was too big to ignore:

“We decided to come here and serve the people as much as we can. We have a database of more than 100 volunteers” and a number were “very willing to come down”.

He added that “preparing the food and bringing it down here from the [Melbourne] base is impossible”, as the food cannot be kept for four hours.

Therefore, locals helped them by providing kitchens for them to use.

Mr. Kanwaljit said:

“It’s terrible out there. People are severely affected and they need food and shelter. It’s our duty to serve them when they need us the most.

We follow the Sikh way of life. We are just doing what other Australians are doing today, and that is to serve and pray for the people who have been hit hard by these terrible bushfires.”

Fellow volunteer Manpreet Singh added that they will stay there ” until the situation gets normal”.