Shocking Video: McDonald’s Burger Bought in Utah in 1999 Looks Exactly The Same as The Day it Was First Flipped

If you still can not keep junk food away from you, we hope that this article will help you kick that junk food habit.

David Whipple from Utah unwrapped a McDonald’s hamburger he bought in 1999, and to his great surprise, the sandwich looked exactly the same as the day he bought it.

He kept the sandwich for a month, just to show his friends that the preservative-packed hamburger will still keep its composure.

What is more interesting is the fact that he completely forgot the sandwich in a coat pocket, and found it after two years, when he decided to continue his bizarre experiment.

He was shocked to see the results -- it has been 14 years now, and the sandwich still looked the same.

“It wasn’t on purpose”, explained Whipple on the TV show ‘The Doctors’ about his decision to keep the burger for that long.

‘I was showing some people how enzymes work and I thought a hamburger would be a good idea. And I used it for a month and then I forgot about it.

It ended up in a paper sack in the original sack with the receipt in my coat pocket tossed in the back of my truck and it sat there for, I don’t know, two or three months.’

He also added that the coat ended up in a coat closet, back in his home, in Utah.

‘My wife didn’t discover it until at least a year or two after that,’ added David. ‘And we pulled it out and said “oh my gosh. I can’t believe it looks the same way.”‘

The hosts on the show confirmed that there were no signs of mold, fungus, not even a strange odor. The pickle was the only thing that changed through the years.

David Whipple still has the receipt as an evidence for his experiment, and today he shows the hamburger to his grandchildren, as a great lesson to be learned in life, encouraging them to eat healthy.

‘It’s great for my grand-kids to see. To see what happens with fast food,’ he said.


Credits and Image Source: DailyMail