Shocking Results: Junk Food May Limit Children’s Intelligence and Learning Ability

The latest studies show that children who eat more “fast food” have lower IQ than those who eat fresh and cooked healthy food.

As we all known nutrition in early age is very important, but do you know that nutrition has affect on the IQ as well? The newest research proved that children who eat healthy food have bigger IQ. The study involved 4000 children at the age from 3 to 5 years, and this was conducted by experts from the University of London.


The study compared the effects of fast food to those of freshly prepared meals, and the results showed that nutrition has an impact on IQ in children. In other words, researchers realized that frequent consumption of meals prepared from fresh passers have a positive impact on the children’s IQ.

Freshness and quality of the food is more important than the satiety, says dr.Sophie von Shtum. She added that some parents do not have time and enough money due to work commitments to prepare healthy food for their children.

Interesting are the results of an Australian study that showed that children who eat fast food have on average two points lower IQ, than their peers, who consume healthy food. Also, a previously published American study showed that children who eat pizza and fried food before their third year, have up to five points lower IQ than their peers who ate fresh food, fruit and vegetables.