Shocking: Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Nearly 100 Popular Shampoo Brands

Although we are aware that toxins and harmful chemicals are all around us, we do not usually worry about their presence in hygienic products. However, you should be careful next time you go shopping for a cleanser or shampoo and conditioner set.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can put any toxic chemical into shampoos and other products, as the FDA allows an odd list of chemicals to be used in these products, including known carcinogens which contribute to liver failure and endocrine problems.


Namely, a recent study found that many companies have not been honest about what chemicals are truly in their products.

The analysis by the Center for Environmental Health based in Oakland, California pointed out that at least 98 of the investigated shampoos and soaps included a carcinogen known as cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA). Being a highly controversial ingredient, but common in many body-care products, it has landed four personal care manufacturers a lawsuit in California.

Nevertheless, when they were filed by the Center for Environmental Health after discovering cocamide DEA, these companies faced massive implications for their actions. Namely, it is illegal (Proposition 65) for manufacturers to utilize certain substances and not warn their consumers about them and their effects.

This chemical in the product we use should concern us a lot, as the foam stabilizer and volumizer agent is a suspected carcinogen. Actually, after a study last year discovered that it caused cancer in laboratory animals, it was banned in the state of California.

Believe it or not, some of your favorite body and hair care companies might use this ingredient. The list of these famous brands includes Colgate, Palmolive, Paul Mitchell, Prell, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Kohl’s and many others.

Moreover, laboratory tests discovered that this carcinogen is also used in children’s products, including store-brand bubble bath from KMart, and a shampoo/conditioner from Babies R Us.

Until now, regarding the fact that the lawsuit was launched last year, only three companies have committed to reformulate their products.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the negative effects of these chemicals, and search a better alternative for them.

Therefore, in order to protect your own health, you must be aware of what you are putting in your mouth and on your body. This means that you should cautiously choose which hygienic products to purchase in the future.

The truth is that your money should not end in companies that have not labeled this carcinogenic chemical on their products. Furthermore, in order to protect your own health and the health of your entire family, you can also learn how to prepare your own natural shampoo, or you can choose to buy only proven, eco-friendly brands.

You can find a full list of all 98 suspect shampoos here.