Shocking: 1 Egg Yolk Contains More Cholesterol Than a KFC Double Down

Egg’s yolk is bad for our health, say doctors J. David Spence, David Jenkins and Jean Davignon in their study published in The Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

They compared the amount of cholesterol in one yolk with popular dishes from American fast food restaurants.



One egg yolk contains between 185 and 240 milligrams of cholesterol, which is more, compared to unhealthy and fatty hamburgers. For example, rich “Double Down” sandwich from KFC is consisted of bacon, cheese and mayonnaise between two thick slices of fried chicken, but contains less cholesterol than egg yolks, namely 150 mg. McDonald’s “McRib”, is consisted of pork and contains 70 mg of cholesterol.

Both US and Canadian health program normally recommend only 200 mg of cholesterol per day for an adult, and doctors who carried out this survey believe that egg industries has a strong influence on public opinion and promote a healthy aspect of consuming their products.

Even some medical researches are funded by the marketing agency hired by eggs producers.

Spence, Jenkins and Davignon warn us about negative effects of over-intake of cholesterol from eggs (various inflammation, atherosclerosis, diabetes) because the public should be concerned. Of course, they do not suggest people to rush to eat burgers and sandwiches from a fast food restaurant that also contain a lot of cholesterol. However, hamburger may have less cholesterol than egg yolk, but it also contains many other harmful substances.