The put bull Rush is making his own bed.

Shelter Pit Bull Kept Getting Rejected, So He Learned How To Make His Own Bed To Show He’s A ‘Good Boy’

The heart-breaking story of Rush the pit bull shows the gentle side of the world’s most caring dogs.

Have you ever seen a scared pit bull? The story of Rush will break your heart in pieces. Rush was not able to find a home for a really long time. The pup was so desperate that he even learned a trick to earn the love of his next owner.

Employees at SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Ohio explain that Rush was rejected over and over again. Adopters didn’t like the idea of getting a pit bull. Yes, we grew up thinking that pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive.

Poor Rush was watching other dogs leave the shelter. He wanted a home, but no one would even pet him.

What happened next? Rush learned how to make his bed before visiting hours. The whole thing was caught on camera, and rescuers had a hard time believing that the gentle Rush would go this far just to get home.

The pit bull Rush with a blanket in his mouth

The pit bull was dragging the sheets over his bed, paying special attention to the corners. Rush was a precious pup and he really deserved a good owner who would love him.

Employees shared a video of Rush’s ritual to put him in the main focus. Animal lovers loaded the comments section with words of love. The center had plenty of options, and they found the perfect family for Rush. The pit bull was adopted by Angie and Ronnie Wallace, a couple who had just lost their pet.

“Day after day, the staff would watch Rush make his bed, and one day, one of our marketing interns got it on video,” said Nora Vondrell, the shelter’s executive director. “We put it on social media to encourage people to come in and adopt the animal.”

The Pit Bull Rush Got Adopted!

The pit pull, Rush

The depressed doggo has finally found a home, and his morning ritual helped him a lot. Rush is a happy dog, and his owners take really good care of him. His sadness disappeared at the very first moments they shared an embrace.

“He will drag around a blanket, but he slept in our bed the first two days,” Angie said.

Vondrell delivered a special message, encouraging people to come and visit the dogs at their shelter.

The pit bull Rush posing with his family

“What we are asking is for you to visit your local animal shelter,” Vondrell said. “See if there’s an animal that you can love and find a forever home. There are lots of Rushes out here.”