She Puts a Bar of Soap Under Her Sheet. The Reason Why is Genius!

Leg cramps and restless leg syndrome are conditions that generally occur during the night, and may cause unbearable pain which leads to discomfort and frustration. Especially when the person tries hard to fall asleep and get some rest.

Charley horses, or nightly leg cramps, occur commonly when an individual tries to fall asleep. They are commonly a result of dehydration, excessive exercise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Yet, unlike in the case of restless leg syndrome, if the leg is moved during cramping, the discomfort will not be relieved, but the pain will be intensified.

On the other hand, restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes discomfort in the legs while the individual is resting. Its root cause is still unclear, but its occurrence has been linked to several situations, including pregnancy, diabetes, the use of certain medications, kidney failure, or alcohol consumption.

These issues may be treated in various natural ways, including consumption of sufficient amounts of water, healthy diet, massages, warm baths, and shower. Yet, there is an easy way to help yourself in this case and  solve your problem tonight!

All you need to do is to put a bar of soap under the sheet at bedtime!

It may sound silly at first, but it actually provides fantastic effects! This strange trick with soap has helped 42% of people who suffer from some of these two issues.

Its effectiveness has not been explained by doctors, but it is believed that it is due to the magnesium included in the soap, as magnesium deficiency is one of the major causes of leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.

Dr. Oz has recommended lavender soap, as it pleasant scent will relax the muscles. Moreover, for best effects, use a natural soap, with a scent based on essential oils.

The following video will provide all instructions needed! Check it out!

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