Seven Friends Buy Mansion So They Can All Live Together When They’re Old

You have surely dreamed of having a luxurious place to hang out with your friends when you were younger, but have you thought of having one when you all grow old?

Well, even though it was initially a joke, seven best friends have pooled their cash and eventually purchased a mansion so they can all grow old together.

They spotted the massive pad in need of some work in the suburbs of Guangzhou, China, and they decided to make their retirement home.

The women, now in their 30s, spent four million yuan (£578,500) to renovate and decorate the place, so it looks absolutely astonishing, with impressive gardens, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, swimming pool and an open-plan kitchen, which features huge tables, a massive kitchen island (with breakfast nook) and sports a beautiful, modern design.

Being tea lovers, they created their very own ‘tea pavilion’ with a wondrous view, to enjoy a brew together.

The refurbishment project cost the group four million yuan ($566,200 US) between them. Now, the 7,535-square-foot home is a gorgeous mansion, surrounded by stunning paddy fields.

It is located in a village about 70 kilometers away from Guangzhou’s city center and boasts a spacious communal space on the ground floor and one room for each of the ladies on the above floors.

One of the women, Jin Du, explained that it was a joke at first, and they said they would get together when they were 60 and live retired life together.

The women have been best mates since they met 20 years ago, and they hope that when they retire, and their children have grown up and moved out, they’ll be able to move into their amazing house and enjoy growing old together.

They plant to have barbecues, to cook together, collect food from the, and sing.

Moreover, they have also all made a pact to learn a ‘useful new skill’ before they move, like how to grow vegetables or how to cook a decent meal from scratch.

Jin added that they are all independent individuals but at the same time, they can communicate and rely on each other. Yet, she says that about ten years later, their children would have all grown up, so they plan to start living together then.

As soon as their video was shared on the Yitiao YouTube account, numerous people commented that they would like to follow their example and enjoy their old days with their mates.

What a fantastic idea, to grow old with your favorite man, but enjoy the old days with your favorite girls!