Seven Close Friends Buy A Mansion For £460k So They Can Live Together And Grow Old – Video

Friendship is a crucial part of life, and it the beautiful bond between two or more people. Researchers have found that having friends increases our chances of being happy.

Throughout our life, everyone will meet so many different people, many of them come and go, and others will stay.

Real friends possibly share a common interest with you, or common values, respect you, and genuinely care for you without expecting anything in return, and do not measure friendship by your actions.

Best friends remain together in good and bad times, as they are our “chosen family”.

In 2008, seven best friends joked about living in a dream house when they retire.

Yet, their dream came true much earlier, as last year they stumbled upon a property in the suburbs of Guangzhou, south-eastern Guangdong province and decided to renovate it.

These best friends from China forked out £460,000 (4 million yuan) to renovate a home to live in until their old age, so they finished their three-storey mansion and it now has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a massive open kitchen, and a swimming pool.

The house is 7,535-square-foot, located in a quaint village roughly 70 kilometers (43 miles) away from Guangzhou’s city center. It has seven rooms for the ladies and a large communal space on the ground floor.

According to Jin Du, one of the girls, they all met 20 years ago at work ad have become best friends ever since.

The house is surrounded by paddy fields, has huge tatami mats for gatherings, a long dining table for group meals and furniture collected from India and Morocco. In the middle of the field, there is a pavilion that connects to the mansion via a bamboo walkway.

Therefore, they can spend their time cooking, singing, collecting food, or barbecuing.

Also, they have made a pact to each master a skill that would be of help, like gardening, cooking, traditional Chinese medicine, and playing music.

Jin explained that they are all independent, but they can always rely on each other. She added that they hope they will be together again in 20 years when their children would have all grown up.

Great decision, girls!