See What Happens To A 5-Year-Old Girl Who’s Already Consumed 1460 Sodas In Her Short Lifetime! (Video)

Ariel is 5, and she has already consumed 1460 sodas in her short lifetime. She spends the day running around, barely able to grasp her daily Pepsi with her chubby little fingers. Her lungs try to catch up with her feet, as she carefully takes small sips from the poison in her hand.

Instead of smiling together with her daughter, Kayla 35, counts the lights from the hospital roof as the doctors prepare her for the surgery. That is the last time she will have her feet, and she tries to remember every single memory she has ever had, running on her feet.

Kayla still blames it on the diabetes, as if it was a person with a mind of its own, with enough power to manipulate with her life. The doctors actually blame it on the 4410 Pepsi drinks she has been drinking since she was a child.

When Ariel turned 6, she could barely spell, and knew nothing about fructose or dextrin, but neither did her mother. That bottle was the only thing that could bring her piece, living in the broken home. The sizzling bubbles always brought smile on Ariel’s face, even now, when the doctors use big words to describe the ache in her stomach.

The doctors informed Kayla that the condition of her little Ariel was really bad, her kidneys were failing, and the blood sugar was too high. Now her mommy could not do anything to stop the ache in her tummy, nor replace all those ramen dishes and sodas -- the only console they had in their poor home.

Today Kayla can not see her feet, because they are gone, and so is her expression in the mirror. There is nothing left, the old Kayla is gone, pieces of her were leaving with every single soda.

Ariel celebrated her birthday dying in the hospital, surrounded with overstuffed teddy bears and balloons. You may have never feared death, but there is nothing more disastrous than the way it lands on the chest of a 7-year-old.

Every 10 seconds a person dies from diabetes.


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Article and Image Source: Collective Evolution