See-Through Plastic Shorts For Men Now Exist, And They Leave Nothing To Imagination

The new invention leaves nothing to the imagination.

Every designer and some fashion enterprises want to do something new, innovative, and different from what we see on the market. Some of their products are interesting, artistic, and quitter practicable. But, also, some would make us think: What were you thinking???

These transparent shorts serve as an example of those inventions.
The owner of these bizarre shorts is the German Company called Maverick Swim, and they named the product “Berlin Transparent Waterproof Beach Shorts line.” If you want to buy a pair of these, you must pay $29.99.

If you open the website, as a description of these shorts, you will read:
“The next generation of transparent beach shorts is here! Berlin waterproof transparent shorts lime are completely see-through and leave it totally up to you if you wanna wear a colorful statement speedo underneath or just go bare for fun!”

Also, nylon shorts consist of neon lining, highlighting the owner, and he will pop out of the crowd.
But, bear in mind, briefs don’t go with the shorts! You must buy your own briefs.

The transparent shorts’ material is polyester so that they are waterproof. You can find them in various sizes, S, M, L, XL, so you can choose your best size.

This product is available even on Amazon, whereas the description there stands: very breathable, so you can keep your body dry and flexible. Other characteristics are “elastic closure, a lightweight material similar to plastic, very smooth and soft.” You cannot find pockets in these shorts.

Amazon writes:

“Transparent waterproof allows you to enjoy the happy hours of surfing. Elastic waistband with drawstring can be used freely adjustable tightness according to your waist,”

This product is hilarious, but it serves for various activities, including swimming, surfing, or you can use them as handy beachwear. The maintenance is so easy that you can be hand-washed or put in a washing machine.

Maybe the shorts have a unique nature, but they are a rage among the people. One of Amazon’s customers bought these and gave a 5-star rating. His name is Bretton, and he commented: Great for pride.

Another customer wrote:” it was good. I recommend that if you prefer a looser fit go one size bigger than you think you are, is actually really stretchy, which is good…so that the chances of its ripping are longer. It’s very good quality. I recommend that if you want to make it look good, get some king of lace boxers.”

Like any other product, so as this one has its dislikes. Some people gave various comments.

“Buy for the quick show. Waste of money but I bought them anyway. They definitely are not breathable. These will take your sweaty balls to a whole different level of funk. They are good for a quick laugh.”

Would you dare to wear them?