Seashell succulents from the SorellaMinchella shop

This Seashell Succulent Planter Brings The Ocean And Land Stunningly Together

If you visit SorellaMinchella shop on Etsy, you will see one of the most beautiful seashell succulent planters ever! They are a perfect blend of the ocean and the land!

We simply adore the succulents! They fit any style, and whether you combine them with other plants, or leave them to enrich the space alone, succulents create a long-lasting statement in the home or office!

Succulent planted inside of a seashell

Succulents come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and textures, but the planter we came across recently is simply unique!

Seashell Succulent from the SorellaMinchella Etsy shop

Seashell Succulent

It is a real, almost 7-inches wide seashell, with an entire bouquet of succulents inside!

Seashell Succulent

Visit the SorellaMinchella shop on Etsy, and you will see these enchanting succulent planters.

Seashell Succulent

As explained there:

“This gorgeous whelk shell explodes with a variety of tiny, colorful succulent floral blossoms, making a lasting impression as a gift or in your own home.”

Seashell Succulent from the Etsy shop, SorellaMinchella

If you fell in love once you saw the seashell succulent planters, don’t be disappointed If the Etsy shop says they are all sold out, as the seller also makes custom pieces.

Seashell Succulent

Contact her to discuss your order and ask for the price.

Seashell Succulent

Mary Minchella adds:

“With proper care and maintenance, the arrangement (seashell succulents) will last for months. Care instructions are provided with the arrangement, so you or your gift recipient will know just what to do.”

Seashell Succulent

I bet your home craves for such a beautiful beach-inspired seashell succulents, doesn’t it?

Seashell Succulent