Scientist Have Found A Way To Reverse The Aging Process Using This Secret Ingredient

Each day we get a little bit older. There is no real way to stop this process as time marches on. While some people simply accept the fact that they are getting older and their bodies are starting to change, others do everything in their power to keep their youthful appearance.

When it comes to the aging process it is quite natural. However, just because you are growing older does not mean that you have to suffer from illnesses and other ailments. New studies have shown that there may be a way to not only slow down the aging process, but to actually reverse it.



The secret ingredient that scientists have recently unlocked that may help reverse the aging process is glycine. Glycine is often found as an additive for pet foods and in animal feed.

In addition, it is used for human consumption as a sweetener or a taste enhancer. There are several food supplements as well as protein drinks that currently contain glycine. It is also used in some drug formulations as it can help improve the absorption of the drug.

Health Benefits of Taking Glycine

When we age the area of our cells that are responsible for respiration becomes less efficient. This is a vital process as respiration is what provides the cell with the energy to keep it functioning. These organisms are called mitochondria and it was thought that they started to slow down because of different mutations that occur as we age.

A recent study conducted in Japan has shown that these mitochondria can actually be restored by reprogramming the nucleus of the cells. The study suggest that this restorative effect could be achieved by taking a glycine supplement or eating foods that are high in glycine, such as many pork products that are available on the market today.

It is important to discuss taking a glycine supplement with your doctor first. While this study is relatively new and there does seem to be a link to glycine and the aging process, it is important to note that taking too much glycine as there have also been several studies that show it could enhance the growth of cancer cells as well.

Staying Healthy

The best way to keep your mitochondria healthy well into old age is to make sure that you do not over eat and to get regular exercise. A proper diet that includes healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, can go a long way in helping you to keep your youthful appearance for much longer.

There is no real fountain of youth and at some point we all must accept that we are aging. However, getting older can be a lot more pleasant if you take good care of your body while you are young.