School Gives Students PE Credits for Helping Elderly and People With Disabilities Do Yard Work

When was the last time you helped someone in need? How much time do you spend in your yards? Do you help around the house?

An alternative school in eastern Iowa introduced a few changes regarding students’ physical education credits. American students earned their physical education credits through extracurricular activities such as athletics and marching band. Well, students at the Alternative Learning Center have to do some yard work to get their credits.

Of course, students weren’t too happy about the changes, but everything changed once they got used to the process. Helping others is such a great thing, and these students are well aware of that. Meeting and helping new people was a new experience for everybody, and students enjoyed it.

The Alternative Learning Center is attended by high school juniors and seniors with high risk of dropping out of school. It’s a lot different than regular high school setting, and students are engaged in special activities to get their PE credits. This time they helped elderly and disabled members of the community. Yard work.

Tim Hitzler, a teacher in the school, explains that the students will cut grass, pull weeds, and pretty much anything that involves yard work.

Moreover, he will be right by their side to give them a hand. Hitzler notes that this type of activity helps high school students learn new things and know life better. It’s also beneficial for the community. Yes, it’s a win-win project.