Royal Jelly & Propolis: 2 Amazing Bee Products That Can Treat Over 50 Diseases

Royal jelly is a sticky, milky substance secreted by the mammary glands of worker bees at the age from 6 to 12 days of life.

It contains vitamins B complex, A, C and E vitamins, a large number of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, hormones, and other substances important for the functioning of the body, eg .: acetylcholine, responsible for the transmission of nerve stimuli, brain development and improved memory.


It contains gamma globulin, which raises the body immune system and stimulates the glands with internal secretion, and contains collagen compound that helps maintain youthfulness.

The efficiency and use efficiency of royal jelly is evident in the bee community. There is only one parent sexually capable female that lives 30 times longer than other bees. Adult queen bees are fed royal jelly, and it can blight a day and more than 2000 eggs, which is harder.

Royal jelly can promote longevity and healthy man. Basically it is a fact that royal jelly can raise the level of immunity in the human body, thus preventing the emergence and development of various diseases.

It has bactericidal, antibiotic and antiviral properties. It stimulates the parasympathetic center vegetative system and enhances the secretion of adrenaline from the adrenal glands, increases resistance to stress, stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues, reduces cholesterol levels, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and improves memory (acetylcholine -- a neurotransmitter).

Royal jelly is the only known substance that penetrates through the membrane of the adrenal glands and cleans it of toxins, as well as through the lining of the brain where regenerates cells:

  • Extremely effective against influenza and other viral infections due to immunoglobulin
  • Regenerates cells of the pancreas and lowers blood sugar levels,
  • Slows down the sclerotic and relieves climacteric processes in the body,
  • Helps with dementia, neurosis,
  • Stimulates anaerobic processes and raises energy levels and thus increasing endurance and strength,
  • Reduces the level of fat in the blood, and it is recommended as a supplement therapy in the treatment of cardiovascular disease,
  • Normalizes blood pressure,
  • Anti-tumor effect of royal jelly is attributed to its active component of 10-HAD
  • Rising level of immunity and helps those suffering from tumors more easily and with less side effects endure chemotherapy,
  • Speeds up the healing and restoration of bone after fracture or injury and even maintains the health of the skeletal system and joints,
  • Helps maintain and strengthen hair, skin tone and nail,
  • Prevents infection of male and female sexual organs. Increases blood flow to the prostate, helps to reduce the island,
  • Regulates the lack of sexual energy.
  • It also shows excellent results for:
  • Exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, agitation,
  • Insomnia and anorexia,
  • Bronchial asthma,
  • Hepatitis,
  • Arthritis, gout, arteriosclerosis,
  • Renal diseases,
  • Slows down the aging process.


Propolis or bee glue is bee product that has always been used in folk, and in recent decades in conventional medicine as an adjuvant therapeutic agent (adjuvant).

Effects of Propolis:

Propolis acts as a bactericide, according to hundreds of different bacteria, especially gram-positive, effect on Helicobacter pillory which causes a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Enhances the activity of synthetic antibiotics and reduces the possibility of resistance. The anti-inflammatory action of propolis, suppresses inflammation. There is also an antiviral, eg. Herpes viruses; fungicidal, prevents fungi, parasiticidally.

Propolis inhibits the growth and spread of cancer cells, promotes tissue regeneration, antioxidant, strengthens the immune mechanisms, analgesic, relieves pain, reduces edema, prevents the growth of germs, purifies and protects the liver, stimulates blood circulation, and prevents the collapse of the blood cells.