Rick Simpson Healed 5,000 People from Cancer: Here’s His Recipe

Even though it has been commonly used for centuries, cannabis or hemp oil has been banned in the second ½ of the twentieth century.

This was mostly due to the desire of William Randolph Hearst to control the market, using his timber, as well as newspaper businesses which preferred to use Dupont’s new chemical bonding process with wood pulp, rather than the extraordinary hemp.

Hemp and cannabis were actually legally banned, with the help of his friends in the Congress.

However, a mechanical engineer, and a self-taught doctor, Rick Simpson, used the oil extracted from cannabis and successfully beat skin cancer, after his diagnosis in 2002.

These oils have been reported to be extremely beneficial and curative in the case of various severe health issues, skin cancer, and neurological disorders (especially in children). He used his treatment to cure over 5,000 cancer patients.

His website offers a great info on this treatment, so you can learn a lot about the amazing properties of this oil.

The recipe is given in the video below. He advises that you do not make it on your own, due to liability reasons, but this is the only method to acquire it.

Watch it out:

Also here is one more video from Chef Derek Butt which is making a small batch of Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil:

Source: expand-your-consciousness.com