Rescue Dog Is Totally Convinced He’s One Of The Cats

Adopting a new pet is a challenge, as things might not always turn out as they initially seem. Fortunately, nothing can go wrong with pets!

Bethany Castiller and her family wanted to adopt a dog that would get along with their two cats, Pecan and Gizmo.

Yet, when they went to a local rescue to adopt a dog, their dog, Mako, made it clear that he would be leaving the place with them.  

Castiller, 21, from Mount Pleasant in South Carolina, said:

“We joke that we didn’t really pick him, he picked us. When we went to the rescue shelter he had his back against the cage so we started petting him and he looked over his shoulder and gave direct eye contact and we just fell in love with the little guy.” 

Staff at the shelter told them that Mako would surely become a friend of their cats at home, as he acts like a cat himself!

The family soon realized that their dog thinks he is a cat too! Everyone believes the dog has been raised with cats, as all his favorite things are classic cat activities.

He adores cat treats and sitting on top of cabinets and counters, and he doesn’t bark! The first time the family found him on a table and a counter, they thought it was weird.

Over time, they just accepted it, and say that they have basically adopted another cat instead of a dog:

“We went online and found a dog toy that looks like a cat one so we go to the backyard and he chases and jumps after it like the cats. He also likes to lay on the tables with my cats and look out the window at the birds with them. When he sees one of my cats lay on their backs for a tummy rub he comes over and does the same thing!” 

This funny dog loves hanging out with his siblings.

Castiller says:

“Whenever Mako sees the boys on the counters or cabinets, he hops up to join them. He really just wants to be around the cats all the time. If he is not in the room with one of us humans, he’s with the cats.” 

Mako chases his toys and jumps like cats, and his family has found him in hilarious places, not typical for dogs, of course, like on the top of the fridge, and sitting on a window sill with his siblings watching birds.

Mako is not a typical dog, but he is definitely an awesome one!