Relieve Joint Pain Naturally – This Homemade Coating Will Pull The Pain Away From Your Joints

If you feel pain in the joints due to an injury you don’t  always have to visit the doctor. Sometimes   using traditional medications can be very helpful.

Before going to bed, prepare a mixture of several ingredients to put on the affected area. The next morning you will feel a lot better.

 What do you need to do? 

In a bowl, mix equal amount ( for example 3.5 oz / 100 grams of all ingredients) of honey, flour, apple cider vinegar and vodka or other pure alcohol. Mix until it turns into the form of a dough. If you need the dough firmer you can add  more flour. Then, put the dough on the affected area.

Attach  cotton fabric -- wrapper to the mixture so that  it doesn’t fall overnight. Leave the mixture  to act during the  night. As soon as you wake up  the next day  remove the wrapper. This amazing mixture  is for one use only.
It  will not only  relieve joint pain in the fastest way possible, but it will also improve joints’ mobility.