Reduce Cancer By Over 40 Percent By Consuming Raw Garlic Just Two Times Per Week

Cancer is a scary word that no one wants to hear. Many people die from this disease each year while receiving conventional cancer treatments. The reason for this is because chemotherapy not only kills cancer cells, but kills good cells as well.

New studies have found that there are compounds that are found in garlic that produce a reactive oxygen species within cancer cells. This can activate cascades of death of the cancer cells while also blocking the pathways for further tumor growth.


Garlic’s Hidden Powers

Garlic has been used for hundreds of years for both its medicinal and culinary attributes. The characteristics of garlic come from sulfur that makes up almost a percent of its dried weight. While garlic does not have a major source of nutrients, there is research that shows its many health benefits.

Throughout history garlic has been used for medicinal properties. This is well documented throughout history of all of the major civilizations. There is compelling evidence that show that the associated components of garlic can help lower the risk of colon, breast, esophagus, lung, uterine, and skin cancers.

Over 40% Reduction of Cancer Risk

Researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center of Disease Prevention and Control have claimed that there is an association between eating raw garlic and lung cancer stating that garlic could actually be a preventative agent against lung cancer.

The study notes that garlic has been used in Chinese medicine since the year 2000 BCE and that the compounds that are released when breaking the bulb into cloves may actually lead to the potential preventative powers of the herb. Cooked garlic was not considered in this study.

There have been many studies conducted about garlic that deal with cancer and diallyl sulfide. One study states that diallyl disulfide is one of the most prevalent oil soluable sulfur compounds found in garlic and it inhibits cell growth in many different cell lines. After treatment with DADS (diallyl disulfide) it was found that cancer cells died with just 24 hours of treatment.

When researchers looked over 4500 healthy adults and just over 1400 adults who had lung cancer they found that the adults that ate raw garlic at least two times each week had a much lower chance of getting lung cancer. The researchers determined that it lowered their risk by 44%. The findings were even similar for adult smokers or those who were often near cooking fumes with the consumption of raw garlic lowering their chances of developing cancer by 30%.

The lung cancer patients and the healthy patients were all interviewed to determine their diets and lifestyles, including whether or not they smoked and how much raw garlic they consumed. According to the scientists conducting the study there needs to be a further more in depth investigation into the properties of garlic and how they affect the risk of cancer.