RED ALERT: This Is How You Spot HARMFUL Bleach And Chemical Laden Garlic From China


Probably the majority of you is not aware that the garlic you purchase at your nearest grocery store or receive in your meal in a restaurant may actually originate from China. The problematic issue about that fact is that some of the garlic produced in China is toxic.

Newest reports show that USA imported almost one third of its garlic from China in 2014. Quality control has always been a problem of great concern, but the truly bad thing about this imported garlic is the way it is being cultivated.

Namely, there are Chinese producers who use law- forbidden pesticides to boost their products. Among the other toxins, they use phorate and parathion, which can have devastating effects on your health.

In order to protect your welfare, avid the consumption of these harmful vegetables, you need to learn how to recognize the toxic ones cultivated and China.

When purchasing garlic next time, note the following things :

  • Chinese garlic is lighter and less bulbous than the regular one
  • Home-grown garlic is richer in taste than the one produced in China
  • Chinese farmers often remove roots and stem to reduce weight and save on shipping. So, if these are not removed, the garlic you want to buy should be safe.

Regarding the above, the safest way to enjoy the benefits of this vegetable is to start growing it on your own, or to buy it from some trusted local farmers.

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