Recipe from a Russian Doctor: This is What Will Happen if You Apply Onion on the Neck Before Going to Bed

Onions are known to be excellent skin cleaners, they also kill bacteria and germs, and they contain phosphoric acid which makes miracles in the blood.

Folk medicine says that onions have the following properties:

  • Purify the blood
  • Kill bacteria, germs and pathogens
  • Purify the air

Dr. Igor Knyazin, a famous doctor from St. Petersburg, promotes that the onion has a major role in treating thyroid gland disorders.

This doctor recommends the following recipe:

Take a red onion and cut it in half, so that you can obtain juice from each half. Use the two onion halves, and massage your neck in the area of the thyroid gland with light, circular movements.

You should go to sleep without washing out the onion juice from the neck. It will naturally improve the thyroid gland function.

As we previously stated, onions successfully kill germs and bacteria, clean the skin, and the phosphoric acid they contain has fantastic effects in the blood, and the juice is beneficial for the thyroid gland.