Rare Pink Pug Called Milkshake Is One Of Less Than 100 In The World

Prepare for some cuteness overload! You might love puppies, and you might adore pugs, but this one will surely melt your heart!

Born with baby blue eyes and incredibly cute face, the 17-month-old puppy is a real beauty! He has rare blush pink fur and skin, as a result of the lack of pigmentation he has probably inherited from an albino pug in its lineage.

Pink pugs have a curled tail, small cute paws, a short-muzzled face and adorable pink nose, and incredibly pale skin beneath the almost blonde fur.

The moment she spotted him together with his brothers and sisters, his owner, Maria, 33, a marketing manager from London, knew that they were destined to be best friends.

The puppy was ten weeks old then, and she named him Milkshake. Nowadays, Milkshake is an Instagram celebrity, with nearly 80K followers.

Maria started it all by sharing some fun photos of him, but people fell in love with Milkshake, and he is now the most famous pink pug in the world!

Maria says that many people write to her  “saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up which encouraged me to post more.”

Moreover, some of his Instagram followers have met Milkshake in person and have been “star-struck” by him. She adds that she didn’t know about pink pugs before, so the moment she saw Milkshake, she just knew she had to buy him.

She explains that at the time, this pug was “one of 30 in the world”,  “but there have been a few litters. There’s no more than 100 worldwide,” she adds.

She says that her pug is not albino, and genetics only affected his coloring, so he doesn’t suffer from sight or hearing loss, sensitivity to direct sunlight, or an increased skin cancer risk.

The two spend their days playing. Milkshake is friendly, quirky, and very spoiled. They both go to her work meetings together, and he visits the dog spa every week. Maria dresses him up for photoshoots, and gives him chicken as treat.

Milkshake takes part in national dog shows too, and he prepares with a trainer. Hopefully, he will be chosen for some advert or a film in the future.

We would all love to see more of him!