Rare Photo Of 65-Foot-Tall Lava Dome in Hawaii Is Absolutely Spectacular

The Mauna Ulu eruption of Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii lasted 1774 days. Do a little math, and you will get the total number of years. Five. Can you believe that?

This is the longest running eruption that released 460 million cubic yards of lava in the period between 1969 and 1974. There were observation platforms for the public, and the world was amazed with the rare phenomena.

The US Geological Survey shared a 1969 photo made by photographer J.B. Judd. It shows a rare dome fountain that was 65 feet high. It was one of the 12 fountaining events that happened in the first year of the eruption, and caused spillage into the ocean 7.5 miles away. The huge dome lasted from October 10th to October 13th.

Fountaining is a phenomenon that takes place when an eruption forms a fissure, vent or lava lake, and the gas triggers expansion and huge explosion.

This image is the perfect example of the size and the power of the eruption. Hawaii’s volcanoes have been making headlines in the past few decades.