Put This in Your Navel and Get Rid of Cough, Cold, Abdominal and Menstrual pain

This article will reveal one of the most effective natural remedies which will help you relieve pain.

You need to put a single ingredient in the belly button and you will soothe menstrual and abdominal pain, and fight colds and cough.

This procedure is extremely simple: You should soak a cotton ball in a 50% alcohol, squeeze out the excess of it, and place it in the navel. This will relax the body and treat pain, cold, flu, and sore muscles. What’s more, you will avoid the harmful side-effects of conventional pharmaceuticals. Then, cover it with a plastic bag or a cloth.

In the case of abdominal pain, you should also add some salt on the cotton ball, and apply it on the navel. If you suffer from a menstrual pain, lie down, and gently press your belly button with the hands.

This is a proven method to relieve pain and these health issues, so try it whenever you need, and you will be positively surprised by the effects!

Source: dailynaturallife.com