He Put 3 Sponges in The Refrigerator – When You See Why, You Will do The Same Thing! (VIDEO)

There is nothing tasty about seeing a bunch of fruit and veggies rotting in the fridge. Well, if you cannot eat them right after buying them, you better find the perfect way to store your fresh produce.

Who would eat a dark and mushy pear? Nobody, that is for sure.

But, the trick of one young man from Bristol, Endgland will help you preserve your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Wonder how? Just get yourself 3 clean sponges!

This is what he said: To prevent the quick rotting of your vegetables and fruits, you should put three sponges in a drawer in the fridge. Replace them after a while as they will absorb the excess moisture.

Moreover, if you cannot stand the smell of onions and garlic after you chop them, the following trick with toothpaste will help you, and the effects are impressive!

The following video will reveal fantastic tricks that will ease your everyday life!

Source: www.finelivingadvice.com