Puppy Is born With Green Fur In The Philippines And Is Named Wasabi

Recently, a family in the Philippines welcomed a green-tinted newborn puppy to their home. Days before, the rare phenomenon occurred in Italy too.

The birth of new puppies is always a reason to celebrate in the home, but one family in the Philippines witnessed a very rare phenomenon!

Namely, among the bundle of other black, brown, and white newborn pups sleeping with their mother, Chona Lacsamana spotted a unique one- colored light-green! The small puppy with green fur was born inside Chona’s house in La Union province on 25 October.

  • The newborn puppy with a light-green coat, called Wasabi, was born in the Philippines

  • The owner, Chona Lacsamana, found the litter on 25 October. Wasabi clambers to feed from her mother in La Union province in the Philippines.

Chona quickly named it Wasabi, after the green spicy Japanese condiment, and initially thought it was stained from blood during birthing.

Yet, she then inspected it to confirm its color. Since they are the mother’s first babies, the puppies won’t be put for adoption.

Chona explained:

“We will take care of the dog together with its siblings and mother. They are all special for us.”

  • Wasabi rests near his mother. The puppies are the first babies of the mother, so they won’t be put up for adoption

  • Wasabi clambers to feed from her mother.

  • Wasabi clambers around his brothers and sisters.

This phenomenon is extremely rare and occurs when the fetus comes in contact with a green pigment called ‘biliverdin’ while inside the womb.

  • Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci could not believe his eyes when he saw the green-tinted puppy

  • The tiny dog, named Pistachio, was part of a five-dog litter

  • Pistachio’s peculiar color will start to fade over time

Yet, just a few days before the birth of Wasabi, another puppy with a green coat was born on a farm in Sardinia! Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci could not believe his eyes when he saw it!

It was part of a five-strong litter, and the rest of the siblings, and the mother, were white. The green-tinted puppy was named Pistachio!

Source: topspot247.com