‘Public Punching Bags’ Installed Across Manhattan to Provide Relief to Frustrated New Yorkers

Stress has become our best friend, and it follows us everywhere we go. Living in a big city means being surrounded with a lot of noise, pollution and tension.

That’s why this design studio decided to install “cathartic public punching bags” in Manhattan. What was the main idea behind this design? Striking a punching bag is more acceptable than punching your neighbor, right?

Savannah’s project was released as a contribution to NYCxDESIGN (New York City Design Week 2019). It’s main purpose was to help locals and tourists release their frustration without hurting themselves and others.

So, next time you notice a yellow punching bag, read the statement carefully. It explains that frustrations are normal for every human being, adding that the punching bags are an outlet for all the bad emotions. According to the design studio, this is a healthier way of addressing personal and collective issues publicly.

Designers explain that people in New York liked the installation, and used their fists and kicks to explain their opinion.

Statistics shows that Americans are really stressed out. Gallup poll showed that Americans deal with a lot of anger, stress and worries, noting that these issues have reached their highest level.

Over 55% of all American adults are stressed throughout the day. About 35% of all global respondents had the same response. Greece is a world leader in stressed-out citizens.

About 45% of Americans are worried throughout the day. On global level, this number drops to 39%.

These punching bags seem like an ideal solution. You can use them until experts find something better. Coping with stress is important, but unfortunately, most people are unable to do that. Stress is considered a trigger for many diseases that plague today’s world.

Learn how to avoid stressful situations. If you can’t do that, learn how to survive these situations. Do yoga, meditate or exercise. You can also read a book or magazines.