Psychologists Suggest Mothers Take Breaks By Going on Mom-Cations

We can all agree that motherhood comes with a lot of stress, and mothers often lack the rest they crave for, so psychologists claim that they need to take breaks in the form of mom-cations!

A mom-cation is a vacation taken with only moms who need and understand the importance of “me time”. Experts claim that these vacations are beneficial for the entire family,  and Dr. Nava Silton, a psychology professor, says that it is important that children see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation,

Despite the other benefits, family will also use the time the mother is not around to bond more fully with each other. When one of the parents is gone, the dynamic of the family will shift a bit, which is not bad, as the children will rely more on the other parent, on each other, and will start helping each other more, and bond through squabbles without the option of calling on the mother.

It is a fact that mothers are irreplaceable, but when children don’t have her readily available, they find other means, and they will enjoy the food cooked by their grandmother the songs of their dad, and so on. The short time the mother is not at home will make the family create bonds that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Motherhood is a full-time job, and these breaks usually sound too good to be true, so many mothers believe they are just an impossible dream.

Sometimes, a full-blown vacation is also difficult to manage, but there are many ways in which moms can take a break and enjoy some time for themselves only:

  • Take one morning every week to recharge your batteries, read a book, go shopping, or go to the hairdresser.
  • Save the household chores for specific days, and do not do them daily, even though it is difficult, and this will give you much time to de-stress
  • Get a day for yourself, once a month and have fun, rest, or spend time with friends

Yet, we encourage you to plan and schedule your mom-cation, save aside money and time, and take a few days to relax in a calm and quiet place, away from the chaos and constant rush.

After a mom-cation, women return rested, happier, more patient, relaxed and prepared for the new challenges. Why don’t you try a mom-cation therapy yourself?