Psychologist Explain Why Moms Need to Take Vacation Without Kids

Even though their daily activities are overwhelming, mothers often feel guilty to take some time for themselves and leave their kids.

However, a little vacation without the kids, and even the partner, is a great experience that every woman should afford, as it provides numerous benefits.

Motherhood is a full-time job, so Dr. Nava Silton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, points out the significance of “momcations”, a vacation without their children.

While taking care of her husband and children will always be a duty of the mother, Dr. Nava Silton argues that leaving the family for some “me” time could be very beneficial for all family members.

Dr. Silton explains that motherhood can be very stressful, as mothers are trying to get a whole lot done in a very short amount of time. Therefore, she suggests that it is crucial that mothers are rejuvenated and refreshed.

She adds that it is important for children to personally witness the “balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation.”

Dayna M. Kurtz, director for The Anna Keefe Women’s Center at The Training Institute for Mental Health in New York, agrees that a momcation can allow mothers to not only take time off from parenting but also can “restore and revitalize” the emotional and physical energy needed to care for their children.

She explains that moms should get the time off they need to get the job done, and added that the momcation can be tailored to the specific mother’s budget and time restrictions.

Here are several reasons why mothers should enjoy a vacation without their children:

  • Benefits for the family

The family will function perfectly well even though you get several days off. First of all, your partner will know that you trust him, and you know they can take care of things just fine in your absence.

Next, your children and partner will strengthen their bond, spending more time together. The small shift in the family dynamic while you’re gone may bring out some good in your kids, as they will grow closer while you are not around to solve their issues.

The time away from your family will show your partner how much you do on a daily basis, and he will appreciate all the efforts you put in.

Dr. Silton adds that a momcation will help the spouse and the children understand how much the mom does and accomplishes daily. The children will see that balance modeled for them, and they will learn to carry that into their own child-rearing in future years. Ultimately, she adds that this may help them garner even more respect for their mothers.

  • A break to prevent fatigue and burnout

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology showed that 12.9% of mothers experience “high burnout”.

Another study published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect found that “parental burnout has a statistically similar effect to job burnout on addictions and sleep problems, a stronger effect on couples’ conflicts and partner estrangement mindset and a specific effect on child-related outcomes (neglect and violence) and escape and suicidal ideation.”

Being a mother can get tiring, and even though family vacations are incredibly beneficial for all, some time alone has its own advantages as well. This time will serve to refuel in an environment that doesn’t require you to go full parent mode every few minutes.

A momcation will prevent severe burnout and issues like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Considering all the things a woman does daily in the household, it’s easy to eventually get burned out if she does it without taking a break and me-time. More than one in ten parents experience high parental burnout once a week which affects their energy levels, positive thinking, and even parenting effectiveness.

  • Your kids will grow

Your kids will surely miss you, but your absence will make them grow in a short amount of time. They will be looked after during the time, but this is an opportunity for them to gain maturity and to learn a lot. They will practice their patience, leadership abilities, and skills while you are not at home, and when you get back, you will find your kids grown so much.

Additionally, it might sound a bit selfish, but they will also gain more appreciation for you while you’re gone.

  • You will remember your true self

Your parenting job often makes you forget who you really are, and you can easily get lost in the parenting job. This is not a horrible thing, but it is saddening for sure.

Traveling on your own will help you rediscover yourself, and you can go back to your hobbies, enjoy things you previously did, and think about your goals in life. Make sure you remain connected to yourself, even though your children are now the center of your life.

  • You will become a better person

You will grow during the momcation as well, as the trip will help you expand your horizons, enjoy different experiences, and see and think in new ways. You will become more creative, stress-free, satisfied, confident, stronger and relaxed. The time alone will help you think positively, and your health will improve.

  • You will come back refreshed

A study published by the Wisconsin Medical Journal showed that women who took vacations at least twice a year are “less likely to become tense, depressed, or tired, and are more satisfied with their marriages.” On the other hand, the “odds of marital satisfaction reduced as the frequency of vacations decreased.”

When you finally arrive at home, you will be refreshed and well-rested, full of energy and love for the family. You will be thrilled to see your partner and children again, and you will undoubtedly complete your responsibilities with excitement.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with feeling you need a break and taking some time to pamper yourself away from your family. It is absolutely okay to get away from time to time, as when you come back, every one of you will be much happier, energetic, and fulfilled!