Princess Diana Once Stopped At A Cemetery To Comfort A Woman Crying At Her Dead Son’s Grave

Princess Diana was more than a beautiful woman and a member of the royal family. Her legacy is true inspiration for millions people across the world. Diana had unmatched compassion and empathy for other people which is why she was called “The People’s Princess.” Her humanitarian work sent her to a lot of countries, and each visit was filled with emotions and solidarity.


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The one thing I loved about Diana is her beautiful smile and wave.

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But, we will always remember one special moment. A few weeks before she died, Diana and Ken Rutherford travelled all the way to Bosnia. Jerry White was there too.

This was Diana’s final trip, and two decades later, the two decided to talk about it. Rutherford and White spoke to Entertainment Weekly ahead of the premiere of Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.


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August 10, 1997- Princess Diana meets landmine victims on her last day of touring Bosnia.

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One of the most emotional stories is related to the unplanned detour Diana took to the Sarajevo War Cemetery on August 19, 1997. She had the picture in her head, and couldn’t get it out. She had to go to a nearby cemetery. They were running out of time, but she had to go.

They made their way to the former Olympic stadium, and Diana had started walking among hundreds of tombstones. She finally met a Bosnian mother at the grave of her son. The woman didn’t speak English, and the Princess didn’t speak Bosnian. They just embraced, and shared the pain.

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Diana reached out and wiped the Bosnian mother’s tears. Her intuition was really strong, and she insisted to visit the cemetery. Was this related to her death? Her burial? This story sure gives us chills.

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The People’s Princess was a good listener. She listened more than she spoke, and was always willing to help the less fortunate. It was all about the people. She didn’t even care about her emotions and the way she was handling the stress. She had to be show up and be there for all those people.


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August 9, 1997- Princess Diana meets landmine victims on day 2 of her tour of Bosnia.

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“What’s your story?” That’s the most common question she asked. She wanted to know more about people’s problems. Her heart tore every time she hugged a hungry or diseased kid. She wasn’t afraid of sores and diseases. She wasn’t allowed to hug people, but she hugged them anyway.

Princess Diana with land mine victims in Bosnia, in 1997Picture: Tim Rooke / Rex Features

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