Prevent Hair Loss With This Simple But Very Efficient Yeast-Based Hair Mask

Did you know that yeast-based hair masks are a simple, but quite efficient remedy that does miracles, even to the most damaged hair? Their application provides high-quality and permanent results.

Yeast masks are good for every hair type, and they are irreplaceable in the fight against hair loss and hair growth. It is especially recommended for people who struggle with hair growth -- seborrhea, eczema. In addition to this, yeast masks will help you get rid of dandruff successfully.


Use yeast masks for amazing results. However, the recovery procedure must be systematic, never “from time to time.”

In such cases you will get great, quick and long-lasting results -- you will not have to wait for a long time. Use yeast masks as a preventive and to stimulate hair growth once a week, and repeat the procedure for 10-15 times.

Make a break for 3 months and repeat the treatment if necessary. If your goal is to improve your hair quality -- to renew and strengthen damaged hair, apply yeast masks twice a week, for 6-8 weeks.

If necessary, repeat the procedure after three months.

Use yeast mask to stop hair loss and strengthen thin and fragile hair

Dissolve a teaspoon of honey or sugar in a tablespoon of warm milk, then add 20g fresh yeast. Leave it in a warm place to ferment (grow), for 15-20 minutes.

Add one yolk. Stir well until you get a homogenous mixture. Apply the mask on a clean, damp hair. Wrap your hair with a plastic bag and a towel. Leave it on for 50-60 minutes (at least), rinse with water and use just a little conditioner.

Yeast masks require warmth (towel) to obtain optimal results for the growth of the yeast. This increases the concentration of protein, vitamins and minerals that go deeper in the hair follicles. The smell will disappear after you rinse your hair, when it dries completely.

You can change the content of such masks -- add castor or olive oil, yoghurt, aloe vera gel, etc. Remember, yeast is the main ingredient and it should remain as such.

And again, by using yeast-based masks you will obtain incredible, long-lasting results, but you should be consistent and follow the instructions given in this article.

Right after the first application your hair will have an amazing shine, thickness and volume, without any hair styling products.

Everyone will notice the difference. What is even better, yeast masks do not leak. You can apply the mask on both clean and dirty hair.

Optionally, rinse your hair with 2 yolks, of course, when you apply the mask on a dirty hair. This will give you even better results, or you can use a homemade shampoo of your choice.

The power of this mask should not be underestimated. Start your treatment and share the results. Many girls have confirmed its positive effect on their hair, so you should better try it.