Please Pick Up Your F*king Trash

What’s the most disturbing scenery you have ever seen? For me, it was the mountain of trash near my hometown. It’s not the only mountain of trash. The country is drowning in waste material and plastic, and things get worse every month. Waters are polluted, and instead of fish, we have plastic bags floating on their surface.

What happens after every big festival? Crowds come, have fun and leave all the trash behind. It’s the saddest part of every festival. People act worse than animals. Have you ever seen animals make a mess in forests? No? Me neither. But, every time people go for a walk in nature, they leave plastic bottles, plastic bags and other packages behind. It’s not fair.

We, people, act worse than every animal in this world. Instead of using our advanced knowledge and skills, we destroy our planet. Unfortunately, most of us forget that it’s the only planet we have. There’s no replacement. Keep this in mind every time you leave that plastic bag in the street.

The future of our kids is in danger. We better do something before it’s too late. Our kids deserve a healthy future, and they won’t be healthy if we don’t change our daily habits.

Stop throwing the trash out of your car window. Stop throwing trash where it doesn’t belong.

Learn how to save the planet. Even the slightest positive change will be of great help. Set an example for others, and help people change themselves.