Plane Passenger Gives First-Class Seat To 88-Year-Old Woman, Makes Her ‘Dream’ Come True: ‘No One Asked Him To’

These days, due to the travel restrictions, we ended up desperately looking at our empty suitcases in the corner of the room, longing to be able to book a flight again and enjoy a summer adventure somewhere far away from home.

Until this time comes, let us entertain you with one story of positivity and kindness.

It happened in December 2019, on a Virgin flight from London, England to New York, and was shared by a Manchester-based flight attendant called Leah Amy on Facebook.

She wrote:

 “Of the hundreds of flights I’ve operated, I’ve had the pleasure of looking after footballers, supermodels, and some Hollywood movie stars but let me tell you about my two favorite passengers EVER!”

An 88-year-old retired nurse, Violet, was going home after visiting her daughter in New York. Previously, she regularly visited her, but after her knee replacement, Violet reduced her travels.

Jack Littlejohn was traveling with his family in the upper-class cabin.

Before the flight, at the airport, the two had a conversation, and Violet explained that she has always dreamed of sitting at the front of the plane.

Jack, on the other hand, was determined to make her wish come true.

When they boarded the flight, he looked for Violet, and found her seated “directly next to the toilets”. He offered her to trade seats.

Leah explained:

 “[Jack] sat on the row of seats directly next to the economy toilets and never made a peep or asked for anything the rest of the flight. No fuss, no attention, literally did it out of the kindness of his own heart, no one asked him to.”

She shared:

“You should (have ) seen her face when I tucked her in her bed after supper ☺️. She said her daughter won’t believe her, and wanted a ‘selfie’ to prove it, but didn’t have a phone or an email address. These photos are getting sent in the post tomorrow, can you even cope 😩😍❤️😭😊.”

She posted a photo of Violet and Jack, and another one with the woman looking ecstatic with the business class cabin crew. The post immediately went viral, with people being fascinated by the selfless man, praising him as a “true gentleman” and “wonderful guy.”

What’s more, the post inspired Virgin Atlantic to upgrade the eldest customers flying over the festive season to the highest cabin available.

A spokesman stated:

“This is in honor of Jack, giving his Upper-Class (equivalent to first-class) seat to 88-year-old Violet on his flight home from New York to London. On behalf of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic, upgrades will be offered to the eldest customers on board all Virgin Atlantic flights from tomorrow, 24 December 2019 until 1 January 2020.”