Pit Bull Hilariously Pretended Fainting To Avoid Having Nails Trimmed

A video of a dramatic dog that attempted to avoid getting her nails trimmed quickly went viral, as soon as it was posted to Reddit, and then shared Twitter by a user @Rashona.

The pit bull ignored her nail-clipper wielding owner before finally giving up her front paw. Yet, when the owner was about to trim the first nail, it pretended to faint.


It topples over to the left and rolls all the way onto her back while laying there with legs spread up in the air, so her owner continued with the nail clipping.

The video captioned as, “The Academy Award for best dramatic performance goes to…” has garnered over 6 million views.

People who viewed the video commented that the attempt to avoid the unpleasant task was hilarious, so it was retweeted over 136,000 times by users who were impressed with the pet’s acting skills.

The video also inspired others to share stories of their own pets and the things they do to avoid nail trimmings.

Many said that it is one of the cutest things posted online, others agreed it is a brilliant performance, and it should become a GIF.

Well, she undoubtedly deserves applauses!