Pit Bull Drags Baby By Diaper From Burning House Saving Whole Family

Many people believe that put bulls are a terrifying breed of dogs and avoid every contact with them. Yes, we know that dogs are our best friends, and pit bulls are as friendly as other dogs. Do you know that pit bulls are actually the most caring and motherly dogs?

The power of pit bulls

One night, everyone was sleeping at the Chaichanhda household. The toddler was in her room, and the parents were lying in their room. Nobody thought that the quiet night would turn into a catastrophe.

Nana Chaichanhda’s apartment in Stockton was on fire, and the pit bull saved the family. The 8-month-old pit bull started barking at Nana’s door, and that’s not something she usually does. So, the dog sensed the fire in a neighboring apartment and started barking. This was her way of warning everyone.

Nana has never seen Sasha acting this way and she was well aware of the fact that the dog was trying to warn her. She came out of her room, and noticed the fire. Nana knew that she had to take the kid as soon as possible and the fire was everywhere around her.

She was really surprised to see Sasha next to the kid. Sasha had made her way to the toddler well before Nana arrived in the room. The dog grabbed the baby by its diaper in an effort to take her out of the bed. Nana grabbed the baby and the kid and rushed out of the apartment.

Sasha is a hero, and this family will always be grateful for her help. The kid and her parents are safe now, and Sasha didn’t even hesitate before jumping into the burning room.

Nana’s family was safe thanks to Sasha. The apartment was no longer inhabitable, and Nana’s cousin had the same problem. Her apartment was caught by the fire, too. Nana and her cousin now live with their aunt who lives in the same complex.

The Stockton Fire Department is trying to determine the real cause of the fire. So many families lost their lives. Neighbors are no longer afraid of Sasha. She is now their hero, and hopefully, people will realize that pit bulls aren’t scary docs. They are friendly dogs with motherly instincts.

Nana said if it wasn’t for Sasha, she would have been dead by now. Thanks to Sasha, her family is alive, and the toddler got another chance to live.