Pistachios – Small Nuts With Powerful Health Benefits

Botanically, pistachios are part of the Anacardiaceae family. They are not only delicious, but these nuts provide a real treasure of health benefits.

Here is why you should include these nuts in your diet:

Healthy Blood And Immune System

Pistachios are a great source of vitamin B6, basic for the creation of hemoglobin, which brings oxygen to cells. Vitamin B6 is also important for the immune system, the creation of red and white blood cells, and the maintenance of spleen and lymph nodes in healthy condition. In fact, vitamin B6 deficiency reduces the ability of the organism to fight infections.

Nice Skin

Pistachios enrich skin with vitamin E, which protects skin from premature aging, ultraviolet rays and cancer.


Good Eyesight

These nuts maintain healthy eyesight because of the carotenoids they contain -- zeaxantine and lutein, rarely found in other nuts. Carotenoids have the same protective role as antioxidants, which stop the harmful effect of free radicals. Pistachios are also considered to have the ability to reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

Efficient In Treating Diabetes

Pistachios are an excellent source of phosphorus, which is beneficial for the glucose tolerance and the conversion of proteins into amino acids. A handful of pistachios is an amazing remedy for diabetics

Good For Your Cholesterol

There is evidence proving that pistachios reduce bad and increase good blood cholesterol. This reduces the risk of heart diseases.