Pig Steals 18 Beers From Campers, Gets Drunk & Starts a Fight With Cow

Having the weekend off is the best therapy in the world, and it’s even better if you arrange a bonfire, good food and enjoy the company of your friends. But can you imagine having a pig running around and drinking the beer you bought?

That’s exactly what happened at a campground in Port Hedland, Australia in 2013. A group of campers forgot their beer out and went to bed. They couldn’t even think that a pig would attack their camp and drink their beer!

One of the campers who was sleeping near the “victims,” says they heard some noise and used torches to see what was going on.

The pig was finishing the last can of beer, when it started exhibiting bad manners and loutish behavior, including picking on a nearby cow. After slurping down the liquid gold, this little piggy went to the garbage bins and began rooting around for a late-night snack.

When he was done, the little piggy took a dip in the river and then passed out for a snooze under a nearby tree. Witnesses reported that it showed up several nights in a row, causing chaos and helping himself to anything he could find to “pig out” on.”

Unfortunately, that was the only fun part about the story, as the pig, whom Australians had nicknamed “Swino,” came to an inglorious end not long after his drunken outburst at the campground.

As it was later reported by a roadwork employee, he had been found dead, the victim of a collision with a vehicle, not far from the campsite. The worker, Fionna Findley, explained that she was sure it was “Swino” because of the unusual markings he had on his ears.