Pickle Popsicles Are A Real Thing, And They’re Actually Really Good For You

Some people are crazy about pickles. But, how far are they willing to go with their favorite snack? Would they eat the pickle ice pop?

It’s a brand new product on the market, and some say it’s the perfect summertime snack. Pickle popsicles are cheap, refreshing and helpful in so many ways. By “helpful” I mean “able to keep your kids busy for a while.”

Pickle popsicles are available in frozen aisles in supermarkets, and we can’t really say that we were waiting for something like this to be released on the market. It’s strange to think that someone woke up with the idea of making pickle popsicles.

Why do these exist? Is this the first question that pops in your mind? Pickles have a tangy sourness, but we don’t really think of pickles when picking a popsicle flavor.

Amazon offers an eight pack of these popsicles for $9.27.

Is the popsicle actually made from pickles?

No, it’s just the flavor. The popsicle is made from the brine in pickle jars, and contains electrolytes. The list of ingredients isn’t really long, and these contain water, vinegar, salt, glycerine, calcium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, sodium benzoate, natural flavoring, magnesium citrate, guar gum, turmeric and xantham gum.

Is this product good for you?

The popsicles are recommended for athletes, and producers say they rehydrate the body and prevent cramps. Let’s not forget that the pickle popsicles have zero calories.

It turns out that pickle popsicles are the fourth bestselling product in the Popsicles and Juice Bars category on Amazon. The popsicles have a four out of five rating after 447 customers reviewed them.

Some say it’s an excellent surprise for guests, and others can’t get used to the flavor. Love pranks? Use these popsicles.

Pickle popsicles are produced by Van Holten’s, and the company offers many different popsicle products.

Spice up your pickle game and try the Hot and Spicy, Sour, and Garlic Joe flavors. If you don’t like adventures, get yourself the good ol’ “Hearty Dill Pickle-In-A-Pouch” thing.


Van Holten’s supports Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It donated $190,000 to the charity, and many children enjoy these popsicles.

You never thought that popsicles can be made from pickle brine, right? Well, impossible is nothing, and we can’t wait for the next crazy product. Companies are all-in when it comes to inventing new products, and these popsicles are a perfect base for those who like to try new things.

Source: relieved.co