Photographic Proof That Cavities Can Heal On Their Own

There is a possibility that proper nutritional support and elimination of detrimental foods to oral health from the diet can lead to cavities being healed by their own, although the majority of conventional dentists still deny it.

Nevertheless, this information has been completely buried and vilified recently, due to the facts that most dentists do not reveal this truism of oral health. But if it had been the opposite, even if they promoted this information to their patients, and assisted them with the appropriate dietary intervention, there would probably still be only a few that would decide to try it.


On the other hand, if they decided to tell their patients about the possibility for the cavity to heal by itself, it would mean a huge disservice to them. Namely, remineralized cavities are more resistant to subsequent decay, similar to a callous on the hand.

The discolored, remineralized caries areas are more resistant to subsequent caries attacks than the adjacent unaffected enamel, so it is not advisable for them to be restored, unless they are esthetically objectionable.

However, a growing number of patients realize the power of proper diet. This made a woman from New York to photograph her child’s cavities over a period of 6 weeks. Before the healing diet process started, a dentist identified the holes and discoloration in the child’s teeth as actual cavities.

The mother photographed the state of the child’s teeth on the first, second and 6th week. They clearly show that over the period of six weeks, the discoloration remarkably disappeared and the holes in the enamel begun to fill in.

Another patient also decided to photograph the process in order to prove the case, and his photos also prove these findings.

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