Photographer Takes Photos Of Cats High On Catnip, And The Results Are Brilliant

Nowadays, it seems we become more and more obsessed with animals, and love being surrounded by them. Social media are full of photos of cute and adorable pets, and we just can’t get enough. 

Andrew Martilla is an animal photographer who was once allergic to cats. Today, he lives with his girlfriend and their three cats. The couple takes care of foster kittens outside D.C., too.

This professional animal photographer and now a confessed crazy cat man, has been featured in hundreds of publications, articles, and galleries, and captured the photos for the book Shop Cats of New York

His photos are a treat for any cat lover. 

 “The Cat Photographer,” has recently finished a cat project, which shows kittens who love catnip, and their silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip and turn into free-loving, saucer-eyed pussycats.

This perennial herb is completely safe for cats, it lasts just a few minutes, and affects each cat in a different way. 

Compiled into a book, titled “CATS ON CATNIP”, the funny photo series is available on Amazon and in bookstores. It is a collection that celebrates felines: silly cats, crazy cats, acrobatic cats, playful cats, and funny cats. 

He is amazed by his project, claiming that the time spent on it was really fun, and the photos will definitely bring a smile to your face as well: