Photographer Plays With The Moon

The moon is a symbol of power, change, time, and fertility. Its mysterious beauty and shine have always been an inspiration for artists.

However, the French landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist Laurent Laveder seems to be incredibly skillful in capturing its magic!

In the ongoing series of photos titled Moon Games, Laveder plays with the rising moon in incredible ways, transforming it for subjects to play with it. In one photo it is a framed picture, waiting to be hung, an ice scoop in another, a reading lamp, or a balloon.

The amazing photos have been published into a book of poetry, and Laveder explains:

 “We have asked 19 authors to choose a picture each among a selection of photos. Then they had to write a short text in the style they wanted.

Finally, Sabine (my girlfriend with who I conceive these Moon games, and the woman in the pictures), who is a graphic artist, has transformed the texts to calligrams. The different profiles of each author have led to a great variety for each picture, sometimes funny, touching, poetic, sensual, etc.”

Aim for the moon 

Moon light 

It’s hard to be brought down if you have a balloon- Winnie the Pooh 

Revealing the beauty of the moon in numerous creative ways