Photographer Captures Shots Of “Magical,” Rare, All-White Baby Reindeer

Sometimes, all things fall into place, and we witness exceptional sights and enjoy extraordinary moments. When this happens to a photographer, the whole world is delighted to have the opportunity to experience the same.  

This was the case with Mads Nordsveen and his amazing photos that will charm you!

Last December, the Oslo-based travel photographer found a rare animal while hiking with friends on the northern Norwegian island of Senja.

He was walking in the mountains, trying to find nice landscapes for his travel photography when he spotted the adorable, rare, snow-white reindeer calf.

He saw a brown reindeer off to the side, and he assumed it was its mother. The calf looked a bit scared, but as Mads and his friends were very calm, it approached them.

Mads remembered that it came very close to him and they looked each other in the eyes.

The indigenous Sami people of northern Norway consider white reindeer a sign of good luck and believe seeing one brings happiness.

The friendly calf stood around for about 5 minutes and let Mads take photos of him. Then, he ran back to his mother.

Mads managed to take beautiful photos of the “fairy tale moment.”

 “He was quite relaxed when he saw that I was calm and friendly. It was almost as if he posed for the camera…He was very curious and fun. Like a little explorer.”

The photographer usually planed his photoshoots, so he considers himself lucky to come across this animal:

“Before trips, I do quite a lot of research to find the best locations and views. However, you cannot plan magical moments like the reindeer photos.”

He posted the photos on December 8, 2018, and they have earned thousands of likes and shared on many websites, to Nordsveen’s great pleasure.

He hopes that this will not be his only encounter with the magical reindeer:

“Maybe one day we’ll meet again.”

This talented photographer was also lucky to meet a Lynx and wolves in Northern Norway.