Photographer Captures One In A Million Photo, Doesn’t Realize It Until He Gets Home

Nature is perfect, and it seems we can never learn or figure out all its mysteries and secrets. It can often create some ideal coincidences that illustrate its power and potential, so we are left bewildered and startled.

Photographer Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany, captured one of these unique moments in Costa Brava, in Northeastern Spain.

Namely, a mass of starlings started gathering into a shape-shifting cloud, known as a murmuration, and the hundreds of birds moved and twisted in a coordinated organism that can quickly morph into some startling shapes.

Biber witnessed the true spectacle, and as a predator like a falcon or a hawk was in the vicinity, the starlings started twisting and turning in a way that eventually formed a shape of a giant, single bird in less than 10 seconds.

However, he took the photos but realized the formation they created only when he came home and checked them on his computer later. Previously, he was so focused on taking the pictures, that he didn’t see the giant bird they made on the sky. He then realized that his snapshot was unique, sharp, and in high quality.

He was trying to capture the murmuration of starlings for 4 days in a row, but when he finally succeeded, it was a real masterpiece.

He then submitted the images to an international photography competition run by the bird observatory Vogelwarte Sempach in Switzerland in 2017. Organizers received 6,800 images submitted by 540 photographers from 15 countries, but the amazing one-in-a-million images helped Biber won the competition.