Photographer Accidentally Captures The World’s Happiest And Relaxed Bird

There must be a reason behind the phrase “I’m so happy, I could fly!” We often associate happiness with elevation, and the freedom offered by the sky cannot be described with words.

Well, one bird is living proof of it! Before she started scrolling her camera roll, Karen Munro was not aware that he has taken a perfectly-timed photo.

Back in 2018, while she was on a cruise around Stroma Island, along the coast of Scotland, the photographer thought that the inclement weather would allow her to take only pictures with poor lighting.

Yet, she was surprised to find out that she has captured “the happiest bird in the world”!

She said:

“On arrival home, I was going through my photos, most of which weren’t anything special as the light had been pretty poor that day. However, I did have a laugh as soon as I saw this one, as the fulmar looks like he is smiling and having fun.”

The fulmar, a type of grey and white feathered seabird, seems like he is enjoying his time in the air, smiling!

Pure joy captured in a photo! 

Munro added:

“Fulmars will often glide alongside the boat, but this one had just lifted off the sea and was shaking itself to dry off whilst flying. It’s always great to capture something different. Over the last few days, I have had many people commenting on the ‘Happy Bird Photo’ and how it made them smile.”

Instagram users fell in love with her photo, and one commented that it’s “an interesting way of flying”. Munro replied that she believes “it was actually shaking to dry itself off.”

Whatever the reason may be, this ecstatic fulmar made my day!

These other Fulmars look jealous at his euphoria!