Philippines Overflows With 10 Million Excess Mangoes Due To El Niño

People in the Philippines weren’t ready for the big surprise El Niño had for them, and it includes millions of excess mangoes. The unusual weather pattern surprised everyone, especially those who control the cultivation of mangoes.

Agriculture secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Pinol explained that they have a surplus of 2 million kilos of mangoes at the moment. That’s actually the current number for Luzon.

Luzon is the largest island of the Philippine archipelago, and it’s heavily populated. The island experiences a fallout from changed weather patterns.

El Niño is a shift in wind patterns that happens from time to time (every 2-7 years). It heats the Pacific Ocean, and The Philippines get warmer currents which results in dry and warm weather.

According to Pinol, the surplus of mangoes is caused by El Niño. The flowering and fruiting season was more than successful. Obviously. Authorities are now trying to find a solution for the excess fruit.

The “Metro Mango” campaign will include selling mangoes in Manilla. Locals will also be able to attend mango cooking classes (funded by the government, of course). There will be a mango festival in mid-June.

You can now buy a kilogram of mangoes for 20 Philippine pesos or $0.40. Pinol hopes to shift one million kilograms of fresh fruit in June.

DWRS Commando Radio Global reported that some farms won’t even try to make money on excess mangoes, and they are now giving the fruit away for free.

Pinol wrote on his Facebook page that Japanese fruit importer Diamond Star Corporation has just bought 100,000 kilograms of mangoes.