The dog Pudding shared his food with a cute stray cat

Pet Dog Brings A Pork Bun From Its Home To ‘Feed A Stray Cat’

Sharing is caring, and the dog Pudding shared his food with a cute stray cat, catching the attention of millions dog lovers.

Pudding caught the attention of millions across the globe. The cute pup is all-in when it comes to sharing his food with strays. This time, the pooch brought a pork bun to the ginger cutie. The poor cat was starving and Pudding decided to feed his little friend.

The stray was hesitant at first, but then took the bun and ran away. Internet users showered Pudding with love, praising his kindness. The little angel brought tears to our eyes.

Pudding’s owner, Fu, caught the brilliant moment in the garden outside her home in Weifang of eastern Chinese province Shandong on Thursday.

“I was working downstairs and the dog was barking towards the corner of the wall at the courtyard,” Fu told The Paper.

Pudding was probably trying to convince the little ginger cat to take the food he took from his kennel.

“I thought the dog would try to catch the cat or fight with it when it takes a bite of the bun,” Fu added. “I had no idea that what I soon captured on camera was really happening.”

Pudding was encouraging his buddy to pick up the pork bun. The cutie didn’t do anything for a while. It was probably too scared to let Pudding any closer.

Well, the cat was too hungry to resist the juicy bite. The kitty grabbed the bun and rushed away.

Pudding taught us a lesson of kindness. We should always share our food with the less fortunate. People called him a “kind soul” and “little angel.”

“This has brought me to tears,” an Internet user wrote. “Animals have such kind souls while some humans can’t amount to anything even close to this!”

Another added, “OMG this is adorable! Pudding is such a little angel. Dogs are the best!”

Cats are cool too!