Personality Test: Your Choice Can Reveal a Lot About You

Do you believe personality tests can reveal a lot about you? They are often used for research and job placement, but even more often, we do them for personal entertainment.

I personally, find it more amusing when my deepest fears, traits, dreams, and characteristics are unmasked with the help of a picture or a simple answer to a question.

Many of these quizzes are fast, reliable and scientifically validated to be able to psychologically measure personality. Yet, based on statistical research, it is determined that many of them may not be the most accurate means of illustrating a person’s entire personality.

Nonetheless, personality tests do have value, albeit overestimated at times.

One of the most important aspects of these assessments is their ability to make people think why they and others think and behave the way they do, and thus pave the way for discussion about personality differences.

We have a great one for you to check out:

Take a look at the image and answer who do you think is the biggest fool in it?

Person #1

This is the first person with a saw. You tend to let life attack you instead of attacking life. Others see you as a passive person since you simply accept things as they are, without trying to change them. You are a loving person, but you miss numerous chances and opportunities in life due to your passivity.

Person #2

You are adventurous and extroverted, but sometimes, you make a decision without thinking twice and thus get into trouble.  You are often unaware that you can hurt both yourself and the people around you. Yet, you always take full responsibility for your actions.

Person #3

You are cool and calm and always think well before you speak or act. You learn from other people’s mistakes, and you are great in a team since you creatively lead by example.

Person #4

Some people might find your personality too intense. You stand by your unconventional beliefs and behaviors through and through. Yet, no matter how much others respect your attitudes, it would be wise to work on channeling them to ease communication.

Did you find the results accurate?

You will lead a much happier life and face less friction when you know more about your personality. You will be able to understand yourself better and the things you need to change when you uncover certain qualities of your personality that you are unhappy with.

Therefore, I encourage you to use every opportunity to get to know yourself better!